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The colours and cultures of Asia provide the inspiration for this
collection of Eliz's distinctive individual creations


     My apologies this website is closed due to my traveling.


Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo has returned to Vill. Lower Mutt for some much needed quiet time and rest, she is now with our wonderful nuns at our DGL Nunnery.

Jetsunma had previously been on PILGRIMAGE to revisit her cave, then continued traveling both internationally and nearer home always including giving teachings and taking part in dialogue with many participants who attended, all agreed it was a wonderful experience.


The DGL nuns have been busy with exams and Jetsunma has been involved with our drubda nuns whose retreat break of a month will now be ending. They have all requested to remain in retreat for a further 3 years at least, they had hoped not to come out for such a long break. Jetsunma explains the time is needed to ensure each of our long term retreat nuns are physically fit and with no Heath issues needing medical attention before embarking on a further 3yrs of extensive practice.


In the meantime I so hope Jetsunma will find the time to have a well deserved rest to recharge her energies.


Please return later this year when I return back from DGL in India and I promise many new designs when the web pages open again, this is small and a simple way to help our nunnery as all profits act as your personal donation.



                        This website was updated on 12th of September 2015

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